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New Kitchen

December 10, 2007

…well, for my son.  He loved playing with his play kitchen, until yesterday.  Yesterday, his sister decided to crawl inside of it and completely knock the back panel off.  There was no way to repair it. 

So, feeling the Christmas spirit, I went out and bought a brand new (better) kitchen for him.  I had it put together when he got home from school.  He thinks Santa left it here because he has been extra good, so he received a pre-Christmas present. 

 The giving of the gift made me feel really good.  The putting together of the gift made me feel really bad.  I hate putting together these sets.  It is entirely made of plastic.  I had to screw, manually, all the screws through the plastic because the company didn’t see it necessary to pre-drill the holes.  I guess it saved the company a whole dollar by not doing this.  I guess they also assume that everyone has a drill or electric screw driver.  Well, my husband is away and so is the key to the shed.  One sore hand later, I learned that I really need access to an electric screwdriver. 

 It was worth all of the pain, though.  My son is still in his room “cooking” away.   Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together.

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