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Laundry Rant

January 15, 2008

A mother has one arch-enemy…laundry.  It seems that no matter how much laundry that I do, there is always more.  It seems to multiply.  When I throw in a load, the pile looks no smaller…it actually seems to grow.  Are clothes capable of procreating? 

 I bought a laundry sorter in the hopes that it would help with the laundry.  I put clothes in each compartment and quickly realized it was full, and there was a ton more laundry that needed to go into the sorter.  It made me feel worse instead of making the situation better.  Our trip to visit grandparents did nothing to help the situation.  I came home with a ton more laundry. 

 Yesterday, I had decided it was time to conquer the laundry beast.  I’ve been washing, folding, and putting away laundry for two days.  This is the last day that I will let this beast gnaw at my spirit.  I’m slaying the laundry and getting back on track. 

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