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February 9, 2008

My son is obsessed with purple.  Everything has to be purple. Purple juice boxes.  Purple candy.  Purple napkins.  Purple utensils.  Purple backpack.  Purple everything!

The thing is it is tremendously difficult to find things for a little boy that are purple.  If you find something with purple on it,  pink or lavender usually accompany it.  It took forever to find an appropriate purple backpack for a little boy. He wanted purple tennis shoes, but I couldn’t find any of those. 

This whole color fixation thing vexes me.  I don’t really have a favorite color.  The color that I like is affected by mood and various other things going on in my life.  I can see the value in all colors.  I don’t lean toward any one color.  I don’t totally hate any color either. 

Do you have a favorite color or do you value all colors?  I thought this was an interesting topic.  I think it also tells a lot about us as people.  I’m pretty easy to please and go along with the flow.  I can see all sides of an argument.  I think this is reflected in my love of all colors.  What does your color preference say about you?

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