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Outfit for Valentine’s

February 17, 2008


Here are the pictures of my daughter’s Valentine’s day outfit, as promised. I used the Burda 9737 pattern and a pretty heart print from Jo-Ann. The pattern itself was quite simple. The instructions were easy to follow, but there vdayoutfit3.jpgwere a couple of spots where they were unclear. This caused a couple of set backs. The entire time I was sewing the outfit, I was thinking it was going to turn into a disaster. But, I think it actually turned out quite nicely. There are a couple of spots that I wouldn’t dare show you up close.

My daughter had several people compliment her outfit when we were out on Friday. I overheard a few others, too. So, my horrible sewing didn’t seem to ruin the outfit. I guess it is like every other project, I’m the only one that really sees the flaws. I’m overly critical of my work.

I do like the outfit. If I sew it again, I would make some modifications. I did make one modification this time. I made the elastic go all around the leg instead of just on the side. I would probably change that back and do it the way the pattern wants. I really love the kerchief part of the pattern. It was simple and turned out really lovely. It was perfect on my daughter’s head. I’ll definitely use that, again.

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  1. February 17, 2008 1:15 pm

    This is adorable! you did a really great job on it, I especially love the matching “kerchief” (do-rag?) on her head, what a cute complete outfit!

  2. February 17, 2008 1:32 pm

    That outfit turned out great! It is adorable…and so is your daughter!!
    You won the Apron Giveaway on my blog!!
    Send me your address, and I’ll ship off a package of goodness to you!

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