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February 26, 2008
Ok, here are 7 random things about Wondermommy:
1-I have an obsession with the number 3.  Everything is in 3’s.  I don’t know why…I’ve just been like this since I was little.
2- I love extra hot, extra spicy foods.  I get this from my now deceased Pop. He would pour black pepper in his grits until they were black.  He would eat raw jalapenos. Foods that would make most people tear up, I can eat by the bucket fulls.
3 – I dislike popcorn.  It is my dad’s and my aunt’s favorite food.  My children love popcorn, but the popcorn gene skipped me.  I really hate the way that kernels get stuck in your teeth.
4 – In the 9th grade, I had big hair.  I used to spend a couple of hours every morning teasing it and spraying it with hair spray.  Then, grunge hit.  Thank goodness!  My hair went from 4 inches tall in front to completely flat and natural by 10th grade.
5 – I played percussion in my high school’s marching band.  During marching season, I carried cymbals around.  During concert season, I played various types of percussion.  I’ve played cymbals, jingle bells, xylophone, chimes, and many other instruments.
6 – I am the daughter of a Southern Baptist preacher.  I grew up in a Southern Baptist home, and I’m still Southern Baptist to this day.
7 – I have a small scar below my left eyebrow.  I got this scar by being caught by a fishing pole when I young.  I went fishing with my dad and his friend.  His friend threw back the rod and caught me right under the eyebrow.  We rushed off of the lake and right into the doctor’s office.  The funniest thing is that what really sticks in my memory is that my mom brought me chicken nuggets home from McDonald’s. 
Have fun answering the questions.  It was kind hard to decide what to say about myself.  Thanks for reading.
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  1. February 26, 2008 5:46 pm

    That was fun to read!! My Mom has that same scar from the same kind of accident!!!

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