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Word Out Wednesday

March 19, 2008



This week’s Word Out Wednesday is a crochet notion recommendation.  When I crochet, I get what I call crocheter’s finger.  It is a yarn mark on my index finger.  It comes from the yarn guiding across it as I work.  A few years ago, I finally found something that worked well to alleviate my problem. 


The Clover yarn guide is a great product.  It is very light weight, and fits right onto your index finger.  You can then fasten the yarn into the guide.  It keeps the yarn off of your finger and allows it to guide smoothly as the crocheting takes place.  I love it!  I never crochet without it.  The best thing is it also helps to guide multiple yarns at the same time.  That is the reasoning for the multiple slots.  It looks as if the illustration on the package is someone knitting, so I’m sure it works well for that also.

The best thing about this little product is that I’ve found it at a few places for at or under $3.00.  It is well worth the money when you don’t have yarn burn on your index finger. 

Here are some places to find the Clover yarn guide:



Create for Less


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1. Cindy Swanson

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  1. March 19, 2008 12:35 pm

    Hi there! Sorry I left my name in the Mr Linky twice—the first time, I forgot to add the link to my blog.

    My Word Out Wednesday today is getting the word out about some excellent blogs!

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