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I’m Back

April 28, 2008

I’m feeling so much better today.  My husband let me rest all weekend.  My son is feeling a lot better.  My daughter was feeling better on Saturday, but started running a fever again yesterday.  Hopefully, she will be feeling better soon.  She is the only one of us taking an antibiotic. 

The best news of all is that I’ll have crafts to share this week.  Yay!!!

I used cotton ease to make this project.  Cotton ease is 50% cotton, 50% acrylic.  It was what I had lying around in the right color 🙂

Here’s the first one.  Surprisingly, it is a knit and crochet combination project.   I knit a rectangle using stockinette stitch.  I think I used size 10 needles.  Then, when my rectangle was the size that I wanted I cast off.  I added a decorative fan border with crochet.  It was {sc, skip a st, three dc in next st, skip a st} across.  Then, I added a holder to the top of the rectangle.  I alternated dc and decrease dc for a about 4 rows.  Then, I just decreased until I had about six stitches left in the center of the cloth.  I continued to dc for about 4 rows.  Then, I switched to sc.  I kontinued the sc until the hanger was the length that I wanted.  I then, added a button hole row.  I sc, skip st, sl st, sc,sc, skp st,sl st, sc.  Then, I continued to sc across for a couple of more rows.  Then, I added a decorative row of sc, chain three across.

For the buttons, I used a scrap of a fat quarter that I had sitting around.  I covered a couple of buttons and placed them on the front of the towel.  I thought using two buttons would add a little twist on this old favorite of the crochet top towel.  I really like that funky fabric,too, I think it adds a fun element and really makes the towel.

I would probably use 100% cotton the next time that I do this project.  I think it would be a little more sturdy.  I’m not a fan of acrylic yarn, anyway.  I would also not do any dc on the hanger and stick to using just sc.  I might even do the entire top in sc.  The towel has too much stretch.  The stockinette is very stretchy, so when hanging the towel has a very long look.  It also doesn’t help that I caught my son pulling as hard as he could on the towel before I snapped the shot. 

Check back tomorrow for another craft project.  I promise this week will be full.  I also promise that by Friday I’ll have some Bell Bottoms crafts to share.  And, probably another sewn project.  My sewing machine is lonely and is calling my name. 

I have a lot of energy after that weekend of rest.  I can’t wait to work my little fingers.

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