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Next Week

May 3, 2008

Next week, we are going on a journey.  The Wondermommy blog is going to show you in-depth how to sew the Farbenmix Paula pattern.  As I started this pattern, I thought that I would just show the finished product.  But, as I began to actually work on it, I saw a need to make a sewing guide for all of you out there.  The pattern can be a little complicated and the sewing guide from Farbenmix is in German and not very detailed.  So, get out your Paula pattern if you have it or you can purchase it from many places online.  I recommend Banberry Place.

I will start this series of posts on Monday and continue throughout next week.  Make sure you pick up some fabric for our little adventure.  I’ll be using Bell Bottoms by Jennifer Paganelli.  What better to make with Bell Bottoms fabric than Bell Bottoms!?!?! You can purchase this at Sew Mama Sew or at JCaroline.

Make sure you check in all next week.  You don’t want to miss a step in the process.  For all of you that are new to Farbenmix, you won’t be able to resist their patterns after making one.  They are very cute kids’ patterns.

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