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Paula Pattern – Day 2

May 6, 2008

 Day 2

First, I have to say that most of these photos are staged.  I had cut my fabric already when I started to document this process.  I had a yard of each of these prints.  As you can see, I have considerably less in these photos.  The pattern pieces do not even fit on the bottom.  Just keep this in mind when viewing these shots.  Pay closer attention to my words than the photos.

Next, make sure that your fabric has been washed, dried and ironed.  This will help prevent shrinkage of your finished product.  I used sizing spray on my fabric before ironing.  It gives it back that stiff feel of when you first bought it, but doesn’t make it feel like cardboard. When you iron, fold your fabric selvages together…with the right sides of the fabric facing.  This is important!  Make sure your fabric is free from any creases except the single fold opposite the selvages.  If you do not know, selvages are the finished sides of the fabric.  The sides that are usually white with manufacturer markings.  It should look like this, except without the folded ear (I did this to show that the right sides of the fabric were facing.) :

I usually cut fabric on a table on my rotary board, but it was easier to photograph in front of the french doors with the light coming through the window.  Try not to cut your carpet!!!  Your fabric also won’t have as many wrinkles as mine.

Now, the next step is to lay your pattern pieces side by side pinning them to the fabric.  You can use one fabric for all of the pieces, but I’m using two different fabrics.  If you want your fabric to alternate and you are using two different fabrics, pieces 1,3,6, & 8 will be cut of the same fabric.  And, pieces 2,4,5, & 7 will be cut of the other fabric.  This will make sure that when sewn together they will alternate around the leg.

When you cut each piece out, make sure that you keep the pattern piece and the fabric pieces pinned together.  You do not want to get them mixed up at this point.  We will keep them pinned together until our next day which is when we will sew the strips together.

If you are using two different fabrics, you will need to decide which fabric to make the waistband and pockets.  These can be cut of the same fabric or one out of each of the fabrics.  It is totally up to you.  Make sure that you remember to place the waistband on the fold to cut it.  It is the only piece that will be placed against the fold.  This will ensure that it is twice as long.

Here is a picture of my little sewing area (which I moved to my living room to get more light for pictures); this shows all of the cut pieces lying next to my serger:

This is the end of Day 2.  We just want to get all of the pieces cut out of the fabric. Tomorrow, we’ll take a break from the Paula pattern for Word Out Wednesday. Then, it will be Thankful Thursday. Our next day of the Paula pattern will be on Friday.  This will give some of you a chance to catch up.  Good luck, and if you have any questions just leave a comment, and I’ll try to answer it to the best of my ability.


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