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May 8, 2008

I’m on my way to a surprise vacation that my husband has planned for me.  I’m really excited about it, and it is much needed.  Being a single mom for six months was very stressful. 

It won’t be as nice as the vacation we had last year in St.  Thomas (that is where the picture was taken), but it will be amazing just to get away for some alone time with my love.

We are dropping the kids off with my parents so that they get a little grandparent love for a week.  They’ll be in chocolate heaven.  Isn’t that the grandparent way? 🙂

I will still have regular posts while I am away.  I worked extra hard to get ahead and schedule you guys some great posts.  Our Sew-A-Long will still be going on.  The only thing that it does mean is that if you leave a comment or try to join the photo pool…it won’t be approved until I return.  So, don’t worry, your comments and questions will be saved and addressed as soon as I return.

Have a great week and keep reading the blog.  Posts will still be coming each and every day.  I’m honoring my A Post A Day in May commitment.  Wish me a good relaxing break!

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