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Paula Pattern – Day 7

May 27, 2008

  • Day 1 – Pattern Preparation
  • Day 2 – Fabric Preparation & Cutting
  • Day 3 – Sewing of the Leg Pieces
  • Day 4 – Top-stitching
  • Day 5 – Hemming
  • Day 6 – Pockets
  • Day 7 – Seams

    Today, our pants start to look like pants.  We are going to sew the inseams and the crotch seams.  This is a pretty simple step.  The directions on your pattern are great here.  There isn’t much that I can add except to show the pictures of these steps.  The main thing that you should remember is that you need to go slow.  This is very important if you are using a serger.  You only get one shot at getting it right.  Make sure that you line the pieces up carefully. Pin!!!!  Do not try to fudge it and not pin, especially in the crotch seam. 

    Now, let’s get started.  Fold each leg piece in half, matching the inseams.  Make sure that the right sides of the fabric are facing.  Now, simply sew the inseams.  Remember, we are using a 3/8″ seam allowance.  Here’s some shots of this process:

    Now, this  is what your finished product should look like…


    Now, let’s make these two legs into pants.  Leave them as the picture above shows.  Place the right side out leg inside of the inside out leg.  That should look like this:



    Carefully, match up the crotch on each legs.  Pin this in place.  This is very important.  You will use your hands to keep the rest of the leg out of the way and you need your hands to carefully guide the fabric through the machine.  Pinning will keep your hands free.

    Once the crotch is sewn, turn the pants right side out.  It is time to top-stitch the crotch in place.  This can be very tricky, as the picture will show.  Just go very slowly, on your regular sewing machine.  Make sure that you keep the line as straight as you can.  You also need to keep both legs out of the way.

    Here is what this step looks like:

    Now, your pants look like pants.  Our next Paula day is our last.  We’ll add the waistband.  I’m really excited about finally showing the finished product.  My daughter loves her new pants.  I’ll leave you with images of what your pants should look like at this point. 


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