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Marieke Sew-A-Long : Day 2

June 17, 2008


 Day 2 : Fusible Interfacing

Here we are at day 2!  Today, will be very simple.  I’m sure all of you that are advanced sewers are wondering why I chose to make this a day all by itself.  I think for beginners the challenge comes in how to cut the fusible interfacing for the pattern.  The pattern is not very specific.  I had to refer to the sewing guide provided online by Farbenmix.  This sewing guide showed me about how large to make the fusible interfacing. 

Now, let’s get started.  Get out the lining pieces (2&4) and the fusible interfacing.  You will also need a marking pencil of some sort.  This really is your preference.  I’ll use a chalk pencil, but you can use whatever you like…even a real pencil.


You will also need to pull out your trusty ironing board and iron.  I recommend using an old iron or craft iron for fusing interfacing. You don’t want to get anything sticky on your nice pressing iron.  I usually use something over my nice ironing board cover.  I don’t want that to be damaged with gunk either.

Place your lining pieces face down on the ironing board.  Take your fusible interfacing and lay it right side up (fusible side down) on top of the first lining piece.  You should be able to see through the piece of fusible. 

Then, take your marking pencil and draw an outline around the top and sides of the lining piece…on the fusible.  The above picture shows what your marking should look like on the back lining piece. 

Now, you will draw a line connecting the two sides.  There is really no way to describe this…so I’ll just show the pictures.


The pattern doesn’t really say how large these should be.  Again, I just used my judgement and referred to the Farbenmix online sewing guide.  I will show you shots so that you can get an idea of how large mine are compared to the lining pieces.  Use all of the following photos as reference.  They will show you how large I have made my pieces of fusible.

You will need to cut the fusible pieces that we have drawn.  Now, place them on top of the lining pieces and see where they need to be trimmed.  You don’t want large areas hanging off the lining pieces and sticking while you are ironing them in place.

Once the fusible is trimmed, you may iron it in place.  Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instruction.  Each fusible is different, so it is important that you follow the maker’s instructions.  Make sure you iron it to the WRONG side of the fabric!

Once you have ironed the fusible on, you are finished with today!  Now, we’ll start sewing.  I’m sorry to all of you advanced sewers that are ready to get sewing, but I felt it important to take the beginners through this step. 

Remember, there is no right or wrong here.  The size of the interfacing is up to you.  It just needs to be large enough to make the bodice sturdy.  The top is going to support button holes/clips.  It needs to be able to hold up.  You don’t want a saggy top!

If you have any questions, leave a comment and I’ll try to answer them.  I’m no expert, but I’ll definitely try to help!

If you are participating, here’s your chance to leave a link to your blog:


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  1. June 18, 2008 1:35 am

    Where was the fusible interfacing when I was 14 yrs of age and learning to make my own clothes?
    It is a little like
    Where were computers when I did the first 45 yrs of


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