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One More Week of This

July 29, 2008

Well, I was supposed to go home this weekend, but decided along with my husband to wait another week.  It is good to spend all of this time with family, but I really want to get back home too 🙂

We are having a great time, though.  I’ve gotten a ton of sewing and crocheting done.  You’ll have lots of stuff to see next week when I am back on a decent connection.  I’m going to borrow a connection in a couple of days and share some fun stuff with all of you.  I’ve also got some items to add to my shop.

I’m also really excited about all of the new fabric lines that have been or are being released.  It is the perfect time to fill up my shop with so many great fabrics available to choose from.

Myrinda at the Fabric Hound has just added a bunch of new fabrics, so hop over there for some great items.  She’s going on vacation, so get your orders in by Wednesday!

Today, I’m taking some pictures of my daughter to list my very first custom outfit offering on Etsy.  It is exciting.  I’ll give you a little hint it is made of Garden Party fabric by Anna Maria Horner.  I love it and everyone that I’ve showed it to here loves it too.  You’ll just have to wait and see.

I’ve also got in the works a Mommy and me Farmer’s Market listing.  My team…trendy textiles, started a Farmer’s Market launch on Etsy, Monday.  So, stop by etsy and search for teamtrendytextiles to see all of the offerings.  More will be added this week.  I’m adding mine by Thursday…I hope.  My models will be posing tonight and then I have to highjack a good connection.

That’s all I’m sharing of my crafting right now.  The rest will have to be surprises. 

Friday, I’m going to the Braves game.  That will be fun.  My dad is taking me to the ballpark.  I was raised a sports loving girl.  Football is my favorite, but I’ll settle in the summer for a good baseball game.  Let’s just hope the Braves can actually hit the ball that day.  I live in Northern VA now, but I just can’t completely pull for the Nationals, who are really performing badly this year.  I’ll always love the Braves.  And, I won’t have to wait long for football season.

My husband is almost finished with getting the house ready to sell.  He’s done so much work while we have been gone.  All of those little things that buyers look for.  He’s done a ton of painting.  Those of you with little ones know how those dirty hands really get all over your walls.  Wish us luck!  We’ve had a couple of people interested.  I really hope one of them buys the house.  We’ll have to move by the end of September, so the sooner this house sells the sooner that we can find our new house.  Then, we’ll be off to Alabama…roll tide!  I can’t wait to be back where my husband and I met.  It isn’t the same town, but a good many of our friends from college live where we are moving.  It is exciting.  None of them have met our children, so it will be fun for the kids to meet our long time friends.

Well, I’m sorry there are no pictures to share today.  I will more than make up for it in August, I promise.  Have a good day, and remember me as I’m trying to photograph a 2.5 year old 🙂

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