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September Sew-a-Long

August 12, 2008

Here’s what you have all been waiting for…our next sew-a-long announcement.  We are going to undertake a major task.  This month we are actually doing two sew-a-longs.  We are going to also bring in those of you with boys.  We are going to make a shirt and pair of pants that can be girl or a boy.  That is not the only reason that this is a major task…we are going to use one pattern that is only available in German right now.  I don’t speak German, so this could be tricky!  I’m going to do my best.  I may have to call out to all of you for help.  This was actually an idea ofMyrinda’s.  Myrinda has the patterns in stock.  They are also available at several other Farbenmix spots, so head to your favorite retailer and pick the up.  You will have a few weeks to get them.  I’m announcing them early this time so that more of you will have the chance to get the patterns and participate…and the fact that I’m going to take more time to actually prepare 🙂  I think I’ll need it.  I don’t want too much embarrassment when I mess these pants up the first time!

Ok, enough talking and stalling…we are making the Zoe and Mika patterns.  This sew-a-long will begin in September.  That means you have plenty of time to order your patterns and pick out that perfect fabric.  We are going to conquer our fears…knits and patterns in a foreign language.  Those of you that speak German out there may be called upon to translate for me, so check the blog often.

Here are your banner and button for this sew-a-long…display them proudly:
September sal banner

sept sewalong

The best way to grab these and use them is to save them to your computer and upload them to your site from your computer.  You have my permission 🙂  Those of you with blogs let your readers know.  September will be a great month.  These items together will make great cool weather school gear.

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  1. August 19, 2008 10:58 pm

    ok so I just blogged too…10% off Zoe and Mika until Sept 2 (for those latecomers, you know, lol!) Check my blog for more details 😉

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