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September Sew-A-Long : Zoe Day 2

September 3, 2008

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Zoe Day 2 : Cutting Our Pattern

To See Previous Day Click on a Link Below:

Zoe Day 1


Ok, we are here at day 2.  I  hope you’ve prepared all of your items.  Today, it a pretty easy day.  I know some of you that are veterans probably already did this step, but I want to make sure our beginners stay with us.  Now, we are going to cut our pattern.

You should have three pattern pieces: front, back, sleeve.  Make sure you have these before beginning.

Now, you will need to get your fabric out.  I’m using two different colors and types of fabric.  The orange fabric will be used for the sleeves and it is a rib knit.  The chocolate will be used for the front and back pieces and it is an interlock knit.  I am using the straight front and back pieces and short sleeves.  If you are using the tapered front and back or the long sleeves, you will still be able to follow along.  Your process will be the same. 

Now, fold your fabric just enough for the sleeve piece to fit.  Then, place your pattern piece to top and pin it in place.  You will cut both sleeves at once.  ***Make sure that when you are pinning and cutting that you are _not_ stretching the material at all.

This is what you should have when you are finished cutting the sleeves.  They will be mirror images of each other.

Now, repeat this process for the front and back pieces.  You will only need to fold the fabric enough for each piece to fit.  This will help save material.  Here is a shot of the pattern pinned in place.

Make sure that you transfer the marking to the front and back pieces as well as the sleeves.  This will help you tell front from back when we begin sewing.

Now, that was pretty simple.  Next, you will cut the neck piece.  There is no pattern for that.  Simply, look at your pattern.  The size of this piece is given on the directions for each size.  You can cut this simply using a rotary cutter and mat.

Now, this is what all your pieces should look like:

You will have a front piece, a back piece, a neck piece, and two sleeves.  This is a pretty simple pattern to cut.  There aren’t that many pieces.  Quick and easy.

If you would like to show your progress, simply leave a link on Mr. Linky or head on over to the flickr group and show your tee off!



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