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Mika Day 3

September 25, 2008

Mika Day 3

Ok, here we are again, and we’re working on our pockets.  The first thing we need to do is turn up our back pocket edges and iron them in place.  We need to iron the bottom edges the amount that it was serged…twice.  Let me just show you; it will probably be a lot easier to understand just to see the pictures.





You need to fold one side of the bottom once.  Then, the other side once.  Then, go back to the other side and fold it again.  Then, the other side the second time.

Now, you will repeat the process for the sides.  Here is how that looks:



Now, let’s get an idea of how our pockets are looking.  This picture shows the pocket with the finished flap on top.


Now, we need to topstitch both of the pockets.  I’m going to stitch about 3/8″ on the side and bottom in one continuous stitch…starting at the top of one side.  Be careful, keep your needle in the down position so that you can easily pivot on the corners.  Go slowly if you need to…it isn’t a race.

Here are the topstitched side shots:




Now, here is where I decided to check to make sure the pockets were about the same size and the trim was in the right spot.  I probably should have done this earlier, too, but at least it was checked 🙂



The next step is to fold the tops of the pockets down.  You will fold this the seam allowance twice.  Then, we will stitch it in place using two lines of stitching.  One will be at 1/8″ from the edge and one at 3/8″.





And, there you have it.  We have finished preparing our pockets.  They are ready to go onto the pants and we can move on to actually piecing our pants together next time.  Don’t forget to share your progress at the Wondermommy Flickr Photo Pool.

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