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Mika Day 4

September 27, 2008

Mika Day 4

Today, we are going to piece together the front of our pants.  This is a little tricky, but hopefully, we can get through it.

Here’s a look at where we are headed at the end of the day.  It always helps to put your pattern pieces together to see how they are going to look. It will help your brain process things easier.  I get confused as to how pieces fit sometimes.  When I lay them out, I can just pick them up and know how they are supposed to fit and be sewn.

I do have one not here.  See that little trim…the twill tape with the eyelet.  Well, I wanted it to be sewn here, but when I started sewing…it was forgotten.  That happens to me way too much, but I think it looks ok without it.  So, I’ll add that trim to another spot later.



Now, you need to make sure that you have the front pockets placed in the exact spot that they need to be and that they are realtively symmetrical.  It does not have to be perfect…perfection does not exist.  It just has to be as close as you can get it.  It also means more that it looks symmetrical and not that the measurements are. Also, use your markings to help line things up.

You will now need to baste the pockets in place.  I stitched 1/8″ from the edge on each side.  This will hold them in place for other stitching. 



We need to make a bottom for the pockets.  I’m going to use a zig zag stitch and introduce a different color thread…blue.  I decided to use a zig zag to complement the ric rac.  Here are my results for this step:



We now have working front pockets on our pants!

It is time to add the fly piece to each of these legs.  First, you will line up the pieces to the corresponding leg.


Second, you will stitch it in place on each leg using a 1/8″ from the side stitch.



After you have sewn the pieces in place, you will go back and either zig zag the edge or serge it.


You will then need to press the seam toward the fly.


Now, we are going to use a twin needle on our sewing machine to topstitch. You will have to look in your sewing machine manual to see how to set up your machine for this step. If you do not have twin needles, you can run two lines of stitching close together.

I’m using blue in one needle and red in the other. This will give a really nice contrast and add a little style to the otherwise plain brown pants.





We can now add the top triangle piece. This is piece 2. You need to place it so that it the long side is facing toward the already sewn together pieces.

We will stitch this piece in place using an 1/8″ stitch from the edge. Then, we will come back and serge it in place. Then, iron it with the seam toward this piece. We will topstitch it the same way as the last piece. Here is what you should have:




Ok, the front pieces are almost done. We need to add the bottoms to them. This should be piece 4. I can’t describe how they fit on…the pictures do that better than words can describe. You do not have to stitch them in place first. You will be ok just using the serger to stitch this in place. Just make sure that you have it lined up correctly from end to end.




You may go ahead and iron the seams. I ironed them up toward the plain brown part. Do NOT topstitch at this point. We will save that for when the fronts are sewn to the backs. This will give us an uninterrupted topstitch line.

You are done for today! I know this was a long day, but you are starting to have something that looks like pants.

If you missed it, you need to head to Nancy’s girls’ version sew-a-long. Make sure you stop by, even if you are making the boys’ version. She has some great tips and it never hurts to see another person sewing something.

Also, stop by the flickr photo pool to share your results!

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