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Our Halloween

November 1, 2008

We had a great time in our new neighborhood on Halloween.  One of our neighbors put hay in a trailor and invited all the kids to ride in it to go trick or treating.  Hubby and I went along.  It was so much fun.  Miss Sid had such a fun time running from door to door getting treats. I found these cute pumpkin stands at Target.  You cut out the head for the figure below.  My son had a pirate and my daughter a princess.  Of course, I cut them both out 🙂  After the kids crashed, I did my usual watching of the live Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fil.  I love those guys. I would have really like to have made my kids costumes, but they were set on these.  Little Man had to be a Power Ranger.  And,  Baby girl had to be a Gymboree pumpkin.  I bought her outfit on sale last year…forgot about it, and found it with the move.  She saw it and that was it! Here are scenes from our Halloween:










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