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Basket of Babies

November 25, 2008

oneofthethriftyfifty_1As I told you in my last post, I’m one of the Thrifty 50.  I was honored to be chosen, and was really excited about the challenge.  So, here is my first round of thrifty presents.  I’m calling these free.  I didn’t really pay a penny for them.  I raided my scraps…that wouldn’t have been used anyway, and got the pattern for free.  I’ve been meaning to make this pattern for sometime, but just never got around to it.  It is the Wee pattern from Wee Wonderfuls.  You can find all of the free patterns by clicking here.  This pattern was super easy…that is why I was able to sew through six in a weekend.  They are great presents for babies or toddlers.  You can design whatever face you would like, and the fabric combinations are endless, really, anything goes. 

If you are worried because you don’t embroider, don’t.  I’m a newbie to embroidery, and I managed to get along just fine.  I just drew the faces on with chalk and away I went with the thread.

Each day this week, I’ll introduce you to a new baby from my basket.  You don’t want to miss getting a chance to see these up close.

These gifts will be for my daughter, my niece, and a couple of other little ones in the family.


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