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Christmas with Papa

December 30, 2008

My dad, Papa, came for a visit on the 22nd and 23rd.  My kids love him and are so excited when he arrives.  They also love my step-mom who visited, too.  We had a great time.  They watched the kids while hubby and I actually went out for a nice dinner and a movie.  It was really nice of them to do that for us.  Plus, it gave the kids some Papa play time.  The best part was that the kids had a Christmas preview.  The morning of the 23rd…they got to open the presents that Papa brought from home.  Wrapping paper was flying through the air, little voices talking quickly, and pictures were snapping away.  They had such a good time.  I’m so glad that my dad and my stepmom got to visit.  Here’s a couple of pictures from the gift unwrapping:



I also wanted to share our annual baking of the Christmas sugar cookies.  The kids love to help cook.  I rolled out the cookies and they decorated the tops with sprinkles.  Baby girl posed for a quick shot before we placed her cookie sheet into the oven.  She’s wearing the dress that I made awhile back…I’m loving it too much!  We baked the cookies on Christmas eve so that Santa would have some when he came down the chimney.


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  1. Fledgling permalink
    December 30, 2008 2:28 am

    Careful, careful with Santa’s cookies! What a precious moment.

    I’m glad to read that Christmas was with family and full of happy memories.



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