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An Apology

January 23, 2009


First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone.  I have received many nice comments and uplifting emails in just the few hours since I wrote this post.  You have truly made me feel blessed, and the fact that all of you are supportive tells me that one negative means nothing.  I’m going to carry on, and just keep being me.  I love you all, truly.  The craft blog circle is a vast community of wonderful women and men, and I can say that you are all wonderful.  I have met so many nice people around the blogosphere, and it has been a blessing.  I’m not going anywhere, and you are going to see more craftiness coming from this direction.  I could not put it into words any better than this post: , thank you for posting this Alexandra! 

So, I’m moving on and moving up!  My boot straps having been picked up and I’m heading into more projects!  I feel better already 🙂

***End Update***

I had a comment today that really struck a chord with me.  It upset me.  Not because of what the comment said, but that I may have offended some of you.  That really hurt me because I love all of you readers out there and never want to do anything to offend you.

You may recall this post from two days ago.  I opened a Cafe Press shop to sell Logo items.  I’m gearing up for the big pattern reveal and company building for the year.  I thought that I would go ahead and share these items with all of you.  But, I was accused of bragging and not bringing things that you guys can use to the table.  I don’t know if it was just the products or that I’ve been sharing our trip to Disney with all of you or if the commenter was just having a bad day.  I’m really and truly sorry if my sharing my daughter’s big birthday at Disney really seemed like bragging.  We had such a good time and I really only wanted to share it with everyone.

So, I’m asking all of you…I want genuine responses.  Do you think that I brag too much?  If you know me in real life, you know that I’m not much for bragging.  I just want to bring you all crafts and crafting help…and throw a little in about what is happening in my real life.  I’ve asked before, but I’ll ask again.  What do you want to see from this blog?  What is wrong and right with it?  This blog is for all of you out there, and I want it to be what you want.  And, just so that you know, I had a post scheduled for Monday announcing our next sew-a-longs. 

All I know…is that comment really struck me to the core this morning.  I apologize if I have offended any of you…it was never my intention.

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  1. January 23, 2009 11:14 am

    I say poop on people who are bringin ya down! Life is too short and this is YOUR blog… you post what you want! If someone doesn’t like it, don’t read it. I don’t think you should have to apologize for being excited about new products or a trip to a fun place. Keep smiling and don’t let the turkeys bring ya down. 🙂

  2. January 23, 2009 11:15 am

    Thanks so much…you made me smile. Sometimes, you just need a little love back 🙂

  3. January 23, 2009 11:59 am

    You, most certainly, do not brag….at all! Your blog has always been great to read. I’ve loved hearing about your trip, your family, and your fabulous sewing abilities.
    (and, even if you were bragging….it’s YOUR blog. Grumpy people don’t have to read it, or leave comments!)

  4. January 23, 2009 12:08 pm

    You should not have to apologize for what you post. It is YOUR blog! If someone does not like that they don;t have to read it….I don’t feel your bragging at all….and it is very nice of you to share any type of craft project with the bloggy world. Keep doing what your doing and don’t let someones rudeness get to you :0)

  5. January 23, 2009 12:16 pm

    Thanks so much, ladies. You’ve made me feel better. I’m going to keep my chin up, and keep crafting and blogging for all of you.

  6. January 23, 2009 12:35 pm

    Don’t let it get you down, I am sure all the positive feedback far outshines the negative you can’t please all the people… I think your blog is great!
    I had a similar comment on my blog a while ago when I posted about sewing clothes for my daughter. At first it really hit me hard but, then it got me thinking and I posted this
    So keep doing what you do as long as you love what you do.

  7. January 23, 2009 12:46 pm

    Melissa, don’t worry, you’re doing a very good job here !! And besides, it’s your blog. No one has a say in what you should or shouldn’t blog about other than you. There will always be people who envy you your creativity, success and happiness. That’s just the way how some people work.

    In Germany we have this phenomenon of trouble-making visitors in the craft blogs for some years now. Sad but true, it caused some very talented seamstresses to close their blogs.

    Don’t let one single harsh comment drag you down!

    XX, Chris

  8. January 23, 2009 1:31 pm

    I’m with the others that this is your blog, and therefore they are your rules! Besides, it’s natural only to post good things. You’re less likely to post if a cake fails in the oven, or if you mis-sew a seam! And it’s perfectly natural to post about things like your holiday, and I wouldn’t consider it bragging. It’s just sharing a big family event, and I’d do exactly the same.

    Ignore them, and stay true to yourself! You’ve got plenty of people who love reading your blog each and every time you post (even if some of us don’t get round to posting comments very often!). xxx

  9. January 23, 2009 2:08 pm

    Just wanted to shortly let you know that I do not think you are bragging at all. You do have a wonderful blog – and I loved that you shared your trip with us. It shows not only a beautiful place, but also all the love you have for your kids and how much you try to make special days extra special for them. Great!
    Kind regards,

  10. January 23, 2009 2:58 pm

    Hi, I feel I must come out of lurking to, firstly say hi, and secondly agree with everyone else here. YOUR blog you do and say what you want. I actually love looking a peoples sewing project pictures, patterns and equally love reading about their lives (that of which they choose to share). I do so on my blog and I go by the “if ya don’t like it, dont read it”.

    I think you little girl looked lovely in Disneyland and thank you for sharing such a special day.

  11. Teresa Pomerantz permalink
    January 23, 2009 5:16 pm

    Phooey on anyone who has nothing better to do than make nasty comments on a person’s blog. Hmph- I enjoy reading your posts- and I didn’t think sharing Sidney’s birthday at Disney was bragging at all- Happy Birthday to Sid and just know this- she made a beautiful princess and I am living vicariously because I never got to have my birthday at Disney 🙂

  12. January 23, 2009 9:37 pm

    obviously someone peed in her cheerios when she posted that incredibly rude comment. she clearly does not understand the world of crafting bloggers. it is all about friendship and supporting fellow crafters. don’t worry about the downers. keep doing what you doing and telling us all about it. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND AND KNOW THAT EVERYONE ELSE LOVES YOU!

  13. Fledgling permalink
    January 23, 2009 9:40 pm

    Alrighty, if you’re not allowed to brag, please, allow me: Ms. Mellissa is a most generous, humble, enthusiastic, gracious and loving person. She’s taking a risk and putting herself out there with her own business. We can look up to her and be grateful for the fact that she wants to share so much of herself with us. She is quite the Wondermommy and wants every mom out there to make their own wonders large and small.

    NONE of this mommy stuff we do is easy. It’s a joy, sure, but it is work, real work. Work, which, frankly, isn’t appreciated very much. And starting up a business is a little like childbirth: You can’t really understand it all until you’ve been there. I think we need to give each other and ourselves an “Atta girl” once in awhile.

    And, chin up. “Some people are toxic: Avoid them.” (Milton Glaser).

    Atta girl, Wondermommy! You’ll work WONDERS!


  14. January 24, 2009 3:50 am

    Primarily this is your blog and you can put whatever you want on it., and if people don’t like it they don’t have to read it. I personally like reading about all the different things that make up a persons life. Isn’t a blog all about being able to show off ideas, family, crafts etc. I love you blog.

  15. Lou permalink
    January 24, 2009 7:31 pm

    Girl. I have blogged for YEARS…. Mainly about our 2 back to back Guatemalan adoptions…. One thing I’ve learned: You can NEVER please EVERYone… It’s your blog…. Say what you want how you want it. Don’t apologize for what makes you YOU. In my opinion, you rock.

  16. January 26, 2009 4:31 pm

    Ya know I just think it is WEIRD that people read blogs and then dig on them. No one asked them to read if they don’t like it! I have been blogging a year and half now and starting to get decent traffic and got a weird/rude comment the other day. I don’t understand why people like to bring other people down. Chin up! 🙂

  17. dixiemango permalink
    January 26, 2009 6:09 pm

    Sorry, I’ve been away for a few days, but I just had to comment. Girl! All of these people are absolutely right. You just gotta let it roll off your back. I think the fact that you are a mom to some wonderfully cute kiddos and you make all these lovely things AND let us all in to see it is FANTASTIC. You brag if you want (even though I don’t think you were and it seems a little ridiculous that they even got that from that post).

  18. January 27, 2009 4:09 am

    Mellissa, Hi again. I read along every post you make and although I am one of those silent people out there that doesn’t comment much it doesn’t mean that i’m not reading your blog. It’s great. You raise a smile each time I open your page. I think you should think of all those people out there that love your blog and take no notice whatsoever of the one in particular that does not like looking at your stuff. Perhaps they are so jealous that they can’t do what you do. Don’t let them take away what you so obviously enjoy doing. It’s water off a ducks back, hold your head high and carry on. My rant is over and I can be silent again! lol! x

  19. January 27, 2009 4:26 pm

    Are you crazy??? That is not bragging, that is blogging!

    I found your blog through the 50 challenge, but have stayed on. Why not blog the good things going on in your life? What should you only talk about depressing things to keep other happy? If someone thinks you brag to much, then they can find another blog.

    We are doing rather crappy right now, I can’t imagine taking my girls to disney world. I have no issues reading about your darling princess. I think it is great that she got to do that, that you can afford it, etc etc

    Blogging to me is sort of like the scrapbooking I do. Now that memory of your princess is something I’d scrapbook, so I’d blog it as well.

    Don’t take offense when you get a nasty comment here or there. I think it is great you cared enough to even post an apology, that tells me you are not bragging.

    Take care!

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