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Rachel Sew-a-Long Day 1

February 8, 2009



Day 1 :  Gather Your Materials

Today, is a material gathering day.  First, you will need to purchase your Rachel pattern.  You can find these at:

Banberry Place

I’m sure there are other stores out there that have them.  Fabric Hound does not have the Rachel pattern, but if enough of you contact Myrinda about it…I’m sure she would order them 🙂


You will need to grab at least two different fabrics.  There are many opportunities in this dress to mix and match fabric.  For the sew-a-long, I’m going to use two fabrics.  But, you can see in the birthday dress in the logo…I used four. 

You will also need buttons for the back of the dress.  The amount will vary as to the size of the buttons. 

You will also need small strips or scraps of fusible interfacing.  This will be fused to the spots where the button holes and buttons will be. 

Gather any embellishments that you may want to include on the dress.

Now, you may have noticed that the pattern is in German.  Don’t be alarmed.  There is an official English photo tutorial.  You can find that here.  You may want to print this out, too.  That way you will have two sewing guides to help you through.

You will also need the materials to trace your pattern.  I use tracing paper.  Some use house wrap found at the hardware store.  Others use Swedish tracing paper or pattern ease.  Pick your favorite and have these ready to go.

You of  course will need your scissors, pins, ink pens or markers, and other such tools. 

Gather them all together because tomorrow will start the actually cutting of our patterns and fabrics.  For those of you that are beginners, do not be afraid to jump in and try this sew-a-long.  Rachel has a lot of pieces, but I will take you step by step in putting them together.  There will be tons of pictures and as much explanation as I can give.  I also try to answer any questions you may have during the process.  Everyone is invited to sew-a-long!

See you guys tomorrow, back here with all of your items gathered.  Don’t be worried if my post doesn’t come until about mid-day tomorrow…I’ll be here 🙂

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  1. June 14, 2009 2:20 pm

    I love the dress. great choise of fabric!!!!


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