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Rachel Sew-a-Long Day 5

February 16, 2009


Day 5 is here!!!  You will need a good bit of time to complete this step.  We are sewing the bodice pieces together.  It isn’t really that difficult, but you have to be careful to put the pieces on correctly.  So, make sure you have some time and some quiet before you attempt this day.  Let me also say, if you are a perfectionist…you are going to have to let go.  These pieces probably won’t go together perfectly.  There will be fudge factors, and it is ok…take a deep breath and remember perfection doesn’t exist. 

It is important to lay your pieces together so that you can get a visual of how they are supposed to be stitched together.  The first time I made this pattern I put a couple of the pieces togther incorrectly.  It is so not fun to rip out serged seams.  So, be careful…look twice, sew once 🙂



I’m going to use ribbons as ties.  I just picked a matching grosgrain.  You can use ribbon are make ties according to the directions.  Just use the measurements that I gave you on cutting day.  Stitch them on the long side and one end, turn them, iron flat and topstitch.  Then, you will have fabric ties. 

If you are going to use ribbon ties, you will need to heat seal the ends.  That is simply taking a lighter near the ends so that they melt.  You don’t want them to fray later. 

You should have something like the below image.


We are going to attach the bottom side pieces first.  First, you will place your ribbon where you want it to be on the bodice. Something like this:


Now, flip the piece over…carefully!  You don not want to turn it…simple flip it.  This is piece number 3 for reference.


Pin the piece in place.  This is a little difficult.  It is a rounded edge that has to meet up with a curve.  Just do the best that you can.  It won’t be perfect!!!


Take it to your machine, and serge it into place.


Repeat for the other side.  These pieces will not line up perfectly with the bodice.  This is ok, trust me.  It will all turn out in the end.  You should have something like the below image now.


Iron the seams toward the bodice…that is toward my easter fabric.  Topstitch the seams in place.



Now, align the top side pieces with the bodice.  These are pieces numbered 4.


Pin them in place.


Serge in place.  Again, these will not match up perfectly.  Just do your best.


Iron them flat, seam toward bodice, and topstitch.


The front of the bodice is not complete.  We need to move to the back.  This is almost exactly the same as the front.  The only real difference is that there are two bodice pieces instead of one.

Line up your bodice pieces (2) with pieces 3 and 4…just like the front.


Sew them in place just the same as the front.  Iron the seams toward the bodice pieces and topstitch.  You should have something that looks like the image below.


Day 5 is now complete!!!  We will attach our bodice pieces together, put in neck facings, and complete the button panels in our next step.  It is another complex day so be prepared.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section and I’ll try to answer them.


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