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Rachel Sew-a-Long Day 6

February 17, 2009


Today, we are going to attach the neck facing and finish the button bands.  You are going to need interfacing, fray check and buttons for the steps that follow.

Cut interfacing to fit on pieces 8, 9, and the bands that were marked on your pattern for the buttons on the number 2 pieces.  Fuse these to their matching pieces.



We are now going to attach the bodices pieces by sewing them at the shoulder seams.  This is the way that they are going to go together.



Iron the shoulder seams toward the front of the bodice.  Then, topstitch them.


Now, serge together your neck facing pieces.  Two-9s and the 8.  The nines should be stitched to the ends of the eight and should make an open circle.  Serge the outside edge of this neck facing.


Fold your button bands with right sides together.  You are going to fold along the line where the interfacing was fused.  Then, turn under about an 1/8″ of an inch on the edge.


Pin the neck facing to the neck, right sides facing.


On your regular machine, stitch the facing to the neck.


Trim the seam allowance and notch.  I used my pinking shears to trim.


You are now going to flip the neck to the inside and iron it as you go.  The button bands will be turned and the corners of the facing will be tucked behind the button bands.  Makes sure you iron this in place really well to hold the correct shape.


You are now going to topstitch starting at the bottom of one button band, going around the neckline and ending at the end of the other button band.  I stitched two rows of topstitching.  One at 1/8″ and one at 1/2″.


Pick out buttons for your outfit.  I picked 4 pink buttons, but use what works with your outfit.


Decide where they need to be placed.  I used my Simflex that I purchased at Hancock’s of Paducah awhile back.  I marked where I wanted the holes to go with my chalk pencil.


Then, make your button holes.  After they are made, add fray check, let it dry, and open up the holes.  Fray check keeps the fabric from unraveling.


Once your button holes are dry, place the back bodice pieces on top of each other the way they will be when the dress is finished.


Sew them in place at the bottom using about a 1/4″ seam allowance or less.  This is just to hold your bodice together for attaching the skirts.


The last step for today is to sew your buttons in place.  Use your holes as a guide for their placement.  You can mark the center of the holes onto the other side using a chalk pencil.  Then, just attach the buttons.



That’s it for today!  We are getting close to the end.  Our next step will be attaching sleeve to your top.

Leave your questions in the comments section and I’ll try to answer them!

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