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Planting Seeds

May 18, 2009

IMG_7778pshop copyThe kids and I usually have some kind of planting project every summer.  It is a fun way to learn about plants and about life.  Last year, we planted strawberries and they were delicious. This year we are taking it a little further and we are planting an entire container garden…at least we hope.  Let’s hope all of our seeds sprout.  We selected several different veggies and a couple of flowers for fun. 

My family, especially my granny, has always had gardens.  It is really hard to do without fresh veggies in the summer.  Hopefully, in the next couple of years when we get the fence up in the back…we’ll have a full fledged garden. 

We planted 100 little pete pots, so we have a good chance of something sprouting.  That is if this sudden bout of cold weather goes away.  We froze while planting yesterday, and had to bring the planters inside for the night.  But, they are back out in the sun today.  I’ll keep you posted on how well this little experiment is going throughout the summer.



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  1. Lauren permalink
    May 18, 2009 1:22 pm

    Good luck with your future garden! We’ll finally have a place to grow things this year so I’ll get a chance to see what color thumb I have, yay!

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