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Sidney Skants…

June 6, 2009


I’ve changed the title of my ebook.  Some people really loved the name Skantly Clad, and thought it was a cute play on words.  Others felt that it was not appropriate for children’s clothes.  I, personally, loved the name.  But, after much thought, I’ve decided to change it to Sidney Skants and avoid any confusion or ill will.  And, I really think my first sewing book should really bear the name of its inspiration…my little, sweet Sidney. 

If you have already purchased Skantly Clad, there is no change to the book really except the title.  If you would like a new copy with the new title, just drop me an email at mabreu[at]wondermommy(dot)net.  I’ll send you the updated version.

If you haven’t picked up either copy yet, make sure you do!  you’ll love this book.  You can find it at:

or  (This is the better choice, you will get the download instantly instead of having to wait for me to email it to you.)


I also have more ebook news…I’m currently working on my next two titles.  That’s right two.  One will be great for the Fall and Winter, so you’ll definitely want to stay tuned for more information!


Thanks guys for all of your support!

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  1. June 6, 2009 1:52 pm

    Fitting your little sweetie’s name in does make it all the more special. 🙂 It was a cute play on words, but sometimes you just never know when it’s only a text link. Now no one will even hesitate to click over!

    As soon as my sewing machine is working properly I’ll be sewing up several sets of skants!

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