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Quilt Sew-a-Long

August 21, 2009

a_girl_s_best_friend_fron1t_op_381x600After we finish our Charm Skirt, we will be having our first Quilt Sew-a-Long.  I’ve picked a pattern that I’ve been dying to try…A Girl’s Best Friend by Abbey Lane Quilts.  To participate in the sew-a-long, you will need to purchase this pattern.  Here are some places to pick it up from:

Abbey Lane Quilts

Fat Quarter Shop

If you type in a search in Yahoo and Google, you will find tons of other places that carry these patterns.


Again, you have to purchase the pattern.  I’m not going to provide their measurements or pattern pages.  This is against the law.  I’m simply going to show my process in sewing it. 

It will be a lot of fun to attempt a quilt of this size.  I’ve never made an actual person size quilt, so I’ll be learning along with you.  You will also need to pick up your fabrics.  I’m using a collection of different fabrics to make a quilt for my daughter’s bed.  They are not the fabrics pictured. So, be adventurous and find fabrics that you love!  Here are the fabric requirements: 


1/2 yard of 10 coordinating Fabrics

1 2/3 yard for Large Diamonds

1 yard for medium diamonds

2/3 yard for small diamonds

1/2 yard for binding

4 1/2 yards for the backing


We will begin our sew-a-long on September 1st, so go out buy your fabric and your pattern.  Get your fabric washed and ironed, and we’ll be ready to begin!

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