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A Hoot of a Dress

February 16, 2010


Well, my stash sewing is underway.  Thank goodness that all of us are well again. 

I’ve had this fun Amy Schimler fabric sitting on my shelf for a while now…along with so many others.  I love it!  Even though the leaves are kind of a fall theme, the colors scream spring.  When I pulled this off the shelf, I didn’t know what I wanted to create with it.  Then, it hit me, so I came up with this pattern on my own.  It is a halter with a sweet bow front.  Sid’s hair is covering up some of it, but I think you can still make it out. 

 It really didn’t take too long to work up.  I had to fix a few errors along the way that weren’t thought out properly.  This may be the next Wondermommy pattern.  I’ll have to make it a couple more times to see if I can streamline it correctly. 

It will be perfect for the spring and summer.  I can slip a shirt underneath until it warms up.  It really is a sweet look and perfect for Miss Sid.  I’m also making a bag to match, so that will be in an upcoming post.


I had to include the picture below because of the shoes.  We were at Target on Saturday, and walking the shoe ailes.  These caught Sidney’s eyes.  Well, the picture of Hannah Montana did 🙂  I can’t get her to take them off.  I’m going to have to create a rock star look to center around these shoes.


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